On top of making 90% commissions on Travel, Team Travel Club Agents get paid in 4 other ways!

Affiliate Compensation Plan

Every member who joins TTC pays $498 to sign up.

$399 for annual dues and a 1 time $99 admin/setup fee

From the initial $498 the referring affiliate will get $200, and the team lead over that affiliate will get $100.

365 days later when that member renews their membership the affiliate will receive 25% of member dues ($100)

For every 50 members, the affiliate accumulates in their network by the end of the calendar year their residual percentage will increase by 5% maxing out at 50% at 250 members.

Bronze Affiliate – 50 members in network $7,000/Annual residual

Silver Affiliate – 100 members in network $14,000/Annual residual

Gold Affiliate – 150 members in network $24,000/Annual residual

Platinum Affiliate – 200 members in network $36,000/Annual residual

Diamond Affiliate – 250 members in network $50,000/Annual residual

Ambassador – 500 members in network $100,000/Annual residual

Quick Start Bonus

10 New Member sign-ups within 1st 60 days

Receive A 3-day 2 night Las Vegas hotel stay 100% complementary or an Amazon Gift card

*60-day advance notice of booking

*Sunday-Thursday Travel Dates

*Holidays excluded

Monthly Production Cash Bonus

20-49 new members in the month – $10 per new member (Ex. 36 Sign ups = $7,200 in monthly commissions + a $360 Monthly Bonus check)

50-99 new Members in a month – $20 per new member (Ex. 71 Sign Ups = $14,200 in monthly commissions + a $1,420 monthly bonus check)

100+ new members in a month – $30 per new member (Ex. 112 Sign ups = $22,400 in monthly commissions + a $3,360 monthly bonus check)