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Join our leading team in the $15 billion travel industry.



There’s a reason why TEAM TRAVEL CLUB is praised as “the best travel bargain on the web“
by customers all over the country.
To help more couples across the country take advantage of our amazing promotion,
TEAM TRAVEL CLUB has launched a nationwide affiliate program allowing
representatives to make commissions sending their local community to

Las Vegas for Free

The TEAM TRAVEL CLUB Affiliate Program

It is our top priority to make sure that both customers and affiliates of TEAM TRAVEL CLUB feel like family. At TEAM TRAVEL CLUB we provide our affiliates with everything they need to be successful. With a 24/7 customer support system we assure that each affiliate at TEAM TRAVEL CLUB receives the customer support they deserve. When you work with TEAM TRAVEL CLUB you will receive generous performance incentives, cash bonuses, monthly perks, and a personalized hands-on approach customized to your audience. Free Vegas Hotel‘s affiliate program payouts are among the highest in the industry, and our affiliates report feeling 100% supported in their success.


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How does our website provide lower rates?2022-03-09T06:45:50-08:00

There are many answers to this question:

But the easiest way to explain why our rates are cheaper than our competitors is to refer to the business models of both Costco and Sams Club. All net travel rates for hotels, rental cars, cruises, condo weeks as well as all other aspects of travel get deposited into a national database that only travel agents can see. Typical travel agents like Priceline or Expedia then take these prices, add their markup and post those marked up rates on their websites for the general public to purchase. Similar to Sams Club, our members pay a low cost annual membership fee to access the same net travel rates we see as travel agents. We allow our members to utilize these rates for their personal travel needs for less than $1 a day!

How long before I can start booking travel when I sign up?2022-03-09T06:51:49-08:00

Your account will be ready 1 hour after signup.

Is there a limit to how much travel I can book?2022-01-15T03:29:57-08:00

No. You can book as much travel as you like for yourself and the family residing within your household.

Can I book travel for my family and friends?2022-01-15T20:14:11-08:00

With a basic membership you can book travel at any time for family residing WITHIN your household, however with a premium membership you can book travel for ANYONE. The purpose of a premium membership is it allows our members to monetize our program. We love being able to assist families with extra income. Through this program you will save 30-60% off hotel rooms and can make money simply by sharing these same savings with your family and friends.

Can anyone join Team Travel Club?2022-01-15T03:27:36-08:00

Anyone 21 and over. (Qualifications and Verification required)

How much does a membership cost?2022-03-09T06:52:44-08:00

Basic memberships are $199 per year. Premium memberships are $299 per year!

Can anyone else use my membership?2022-01-15T03:24:42-08:00

No. When you join Team Travel Club you will create a password to access your account. As a member you will be responsible for each transaction processed through your account. It is recommended you do not disclose your password or account information to anyone.

How do I start booking travel?2022-12-31T19:49:32-08:00
  1. Sign up – log in and begin booking instantly on the search engines of your choice for yourself or others. All travel is booked directly online. Once you make your booking you will receive an email with your confirmation number you may call the phone number provided on the email for 24 hour support.
Can I call to speak to an agent to book for me?2022-01-15T20:25:20-08:00

Yes, you will be provided with a full concierge service to help with your bookings.



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